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Mon Oct 20 05:12:00 UTC 2008

Please look into how Putin came to power before you think Russia is again becoming a land grabbing dictatorship. It is not true period.
They are becoming a superpower in oil and gas. But the army budget gets less than 30 billion dollars annually. Please all the stuff used in the war in Georgia were  very old and from the it's cold war days.

 Not like America where we have a volunteer army, RUSSIA has a draft and it's soldiers (all male by the by)  earn almost nothing. Does that say something about American
 training and American equipment. Georgia has the building in Washington  DC re-thinking about both our training methods and our equipment/

1. When you had a problem with your local government like Burger King did in St. Petersburg you went to the West's government man to fix it, and it got fixed.
    The west's man in ST. Petersburg   V. Putin.

2. Everyone in Russia knew that Yelestin was a drunk and in the West's  pocket, and when he picked Putin  to succeed him it was at the West bidding. They even made a movie
    of how he (Yelesin) won the his last election using Western political methods.

3. When Putin  came to Power he spent time in Crawford Texas discussing with George Bush what the WEST(meaning the US)  was expecting of him now that he was our man
, Yes he was told what to do and what we would do when he did it.

4. And for the last eight years Russia has used it's oil revenues to gain not one foot of land from the former USSR.

5. Russia has democratic elections, more on the up and up than south America and Africa, just because you don't like there outcome you can't say the are no valid.

6. RUSSIA did not invade Georgia, Georgia moved first and was victims of a fool for a government. Georgia was warned by Rice if you invade  S.O  Russia will attack you BACK
    still they invaded anyway thinking that Russia would not do that and they figured wrong.

7.  When asked concerning problems with the EU about Georgia, Putin replied they will not be a problem for Russia as Russia supplies 35% of EU's  power, and they
     the EU will look out for number one. And they did.

8. It is rumored  in Russia that Putin has Billions in Swiss banks, and wants  just to get out, for if he did not they would have rewritten the laws just like New York
    is doing for Bloomberg if he wanted to stay.

9. which come back to the final point, without a strong Russia and a strong China, we would not need that big building in Washington playing war games.

10. We always need to have someone to hate, but the Russian's are nice people, I been there and married one, so if you need to hate, pick on  China

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