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Frank McElligott Frankmac at ripco.com
Tue Oct 21 03:00:28 UTC 2008

The Northern reserves of oil have been claimed by four countries, of which the U.S. is one. At the moment all
that is known is that the issue has not been decided.

When the 10 years have past, thats how long it take to develop a oil field, from drilling to delivery, oil should be at 10 dollars a barrel. By the by it now cost 6 dollars to pump it.

With the remaining four dollars you can buy a cup of coffee in a Moscow cafe:) but you will have a difficult time building an airplane with four dollars.

Concerning the Russian military, it was down hill ever since the withdrawn from Taliban country. Is life dangerous in the Russian army, of course they drink way way to much, but they have only for fought rebels and a fools army. Most reports I have read was they lacked chain of command, and half the troops were drunk or on drugs. Check the military advisors of CNN who was sadden as he once had command ed these troops when times were different. 

Russia won the war because the knew that the Georgian's were going to attack and how they were going to attack, superior intel, They were already massed just waiting for Custer to come on down to the valley. Superior numbers superior itel and a plan well defined(BEFORE HAND) allow the rout.

At present there is concern as you have said that China will take the eastern time zones from Russia, but the Russian  government is making plans to defend such an act. As you well know that is the part of Russia where the real wealth is in oil ,coal and other minerials.

Concerning Russian women ; they are quite beautiful, but they were the reason Russia survived the meltdown in 1998,and  Russian men as you know have a life expect of . only to  age 55, because of  their heavy drinking which also is caused by these same Russian women:)

Facts, John , I don't need facts, I am a writer for Sara Palin, and we both know you can see Russia and China from her back window:)
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