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Gina Miller nanogirl at halcyon.com
Wed Oct 22 00:55:12 UTC 2008

Hello Extropes, so we are not generating the kind of financial support we need for our movie, but you can help us by voting for an animation I made for a contest that will award the winner $20,000, which we really need for our movie to continue forward. I was chosen as a finalist! But the only way I can win is by having the most votes from you! 
You'll have to register, it's free by going here: http://www.offzhook.com/register.jsp (save or write down the username and password you made) after you are registered they will send you an email, click the link in the email, then you'll see a login page, go ahead and log in.  
Now you will see a page that says what you can do now, it says "edit your profile, or add events", but you can just ignore that if you want to and go straight to my video page to watch it and vote (you can vote once a day!). My video is called Inspirations and is here - copy and paste this url into your browser or click this link: http://offzhook.com/contestEntry.jsp?id=30 
To play the video, click the little arrow in the center of the video. If the video is broken up that is just because it is loading - let it play all weird like that the first time, then play it again, the second time it will play all the way through for you, without stopping. Make sure your volume is on. 
Now to vote: right below the video (check the purple "Vote for this clip" click your mouse right into that empty box, so that it is now checked). Hooray, you have voted, thank you! Every vote adds up so please if you have a friend or other that would be willing to help, please spread the word! The voting is up until and including the day of the 27th, this week only. And don't forget, since they do allow you to vote every day this will really increase my odds. So please do, just login here http://offzhook.com/login.jsp?r=profileView.jsp every day to vote, and then go to my video page again, http://offzhook.com/contestEntry.jsp?id=30. 
This contest is for and about a camera in which they requested "makeover" as the theme. I turned this idea into a "beauty is everywhere" concept in my animated video. I hope you like it and if by some miracle I get enough votes to win, thank you for helping Jim and I make our animated science movie! Love to all, 

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