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I am reading Extropia DaSilva's CTRL-ALT-R essays and look forward to
discussing them with the author at the Next Cosmic Engineers meeting
in Second Life: Discussion of CTRL-ALT-R: REBAKE YOUR REALITY. Parts
of the essays deal with CA based digital physics and the possibility
that we may live in a simulated reality computed by means of digital
physics by another level of reality. The short movie below illustrates
resurrection in such a scenario.

If we live in a simulated reality computed by means of digital physics
by another level of reality, which may be the primary reality of our
computronium based AI mind children in a future time, then we live in
a universe with a conceptually simple, and scientifically sound,
practical engineering mechanism for our own resurrection, by copying
sentient beings living in the sumulated reality (us) to another
simulated reality (or even the primary reality itself). Of course we
probably cannot even imagine the motivations of computronium
superintelligences, but it seems plausible that they would copy and
store interesting patterns to run them again. At least, this is what
CA and Alife researchers do today. This is illustrated by the short
movie CA Resurrection, which I just made with a Game of Life program.

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Eschatoon Magic
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