Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sat Sep 13 06:23:36 UTC 2008

John Grigg writes

> Damien, I must confess that I have not yet read
> your book on psi. [Outside the Gates of Science:
> Why It's Time for the Paranormal to Come in
> from the Cold, 2007]. But my impression is that
> the classic Project Stargate was based on some
> very solid research and application.  I have a
> strong feeling there may yet be another
> *underground* project currently going on
> that would meet with your rigorous approval
> in terms of how they do things.

Oh, way to go John! Cool. Now that you've pointed it
out, I like to fancy that yes if I had been the commanding 
general in charge of Stargate and it had begun to show
unmistakable results, I would have immediately canceled
the project, left "failure" stamped on every portion of it
that I could get away with, and got another general to
start from scratch with a VERY SECRET version of the
same thing with no trace to me remaining.

Hmm, so maybe that's why we've not suffered any Al Qaeda
attacks since 9/11. Every time they get close, somehow they
find they've been "spotted".


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