[ExI] Nature of Humor: Grinning and Laughing

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Sep 19 03:20:48 UTC 2008


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> > "spike" <spike66 at att.net> speculated:
> > 
> > > what I think Lee was asking was not do we laugh at jokes we are 
> > > reading.  Everyone does that.
>>...Has this list 
> attracted a number of people with rich inner lives, or something?)
> Lee

Lee I think you have hit on something important there, and I like the way
you phrased it.  It sounds so legitimate, that I can go around claiming to
have a rich inner life.  {8-]

>From the gatherings of transhumanists, extropians, cryonauts, math fans,
mensas, SL4-ers, the various geeks that hang out with us, it should be
obvious to the casual observer that we are not mainstream.  Being
non-mainstream causes one to ask why, and this leads to deep introspection.

I have often thought that one reason why gays have the reputation for being
deep and thoughtful types is that they are led to introspection to try to
understand why they are different from the crowd.  In my case, I wonder why
I am completely immune to embarrassment, to the point where I have the most
fun making myself look foolish.  How did I get that way?  I wonder why I am
emotionally wired differently than the crowd.  Now I know it is because I
have a rich inner life.  {8^D  Thanks Lee, this is a license to be weird.


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