[ExI] What Makes People Vote Republican

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Sep 21 17:49:56 UTC 2008

 > ...On Behalf Of Olga Bourlin
> > If Obama sticks with this position he will be handing the 
> election on a plate to McCain... BillK
> Yeah, USAmericans's appetite seems to be for ersatz 
> "mac'n'cheese"...

Hahaaahahahahaaa!  Mac n cheese!  {8^D  Thanks Olga, may I use that?  {8-]

Like many of you here, I can read much faster than anyone can talk.
Political speeches are even slower than normal speech by a factor of at
least two, since they carefully anunciate, and because they are often
interrupted by cheering.  Not only can I read much faster than they can
talk, I can understand written text much better afterwards.  So, I don't
actually listen to the speeches, but rather read the transcripts.  I
understand that both Obama and Palin are good orators, but of course that
doesn't translate onto the page.

Here's what I have observed of reading the the front runners speeches: I
have a hard time figuring out where Senator Obama stands on anything.  With
Governor Palin, I understand her position and usually don't like it.  Barr
is easy to understand, but is only sorta libertarian.  I like Root pretty
well.  Libertarians get my vote this year.


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