[ExI] China's upcoming major problem depicted in a SF novel

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Mon Sep 22 12:49:53 UTC 2008

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> As we already know, there is going to be a major challenge for mainland
> China when a skewed male/female child demographic results in many young
> adult males not having potential female mates.  I see this causing the world
> mafias to view the situation as a great opportunity for female human slavery
> and smuggling.

Really? Were I in this business I would rather welcome an opposite
unbalance. Women are much too precious to be enslaved when there are too few
of them. See colonial Australia... As for the solution for the many young
adult males, I am afraid that either they accept a harsh competition for
female mates (as it is the case in polygamic societies), or they establish a
polyandric system.

Stefano Vaj

> The Chinese government will pass laws not allowing parents to use medical
> technology (or abortion) to determine the sex of their child.  And at the
> bio-tech level, I could see China pouring resources into artificial womb
> technology so they can be absolutely be sure there will be enough females.
> I came across a SF novel on lulu.com (self-published books, so be warned!)
> titled "The China Clones."  It is an over the top thriller about a Chinese
> general who has a beautiful Eurasian model kidnapped for his cloning lab.
> http://www.lulu.com/content/182342
> John
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