[ExI] To Arms!

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Apr 1 00:06:26 UTC 2009

Il 31/03/2009 8.42, Fred C. Moulton ha scritto:

> At least one utility is to make sure that anyone who by chance stumbled
> onto this exchange would realize that your position is not an Extropian
> position and is in fact extremely non-Extropian.  I would not want a
> reporter on a deadline to be following links or doing some google
> searches and to read your posts and mistakenly think that the views you
> have stated about France and Muslim expulsion are in any way
> representative of Extropian thought.

I don't know if it is unextropian to let a death cult to flourish inside 
your nation, feeding on your works, and letting it to grow stronger 
until is able to take the power and kill anyone that oppose it.

Paraphrasing a Supreme Justice "Extropy is not a death pact".

> BillK posted a brief summary of part of the background related to the
> situation of Muslims in France.  I suggest everyone read it.  Seriously
> France is not going to expel all of the Muslims for several reasons and
> to even suggest that it would be a good idea shows a profound lack of
> understanding of international law, international relations, military
> affairs, history and other social sciences.  The reason I mention
> international law first is that understanding the idea of "Crimes
> against Humanity" would be a good starting place.

Do you think Mr. President Bashir of Sudan (and his friends and 
co-religionists) will support anything resembling the International 
Court of Justice? Or will abide to the ruling of the Court?
If and when France government will face a Iraq-like Jihad, the other 
European States will have their muslim's cats to skin. Don't expect them 
to help the muslims or attack France; probably the opposite will happen. 
And, probably, the troops we use to stabilize the status quo in Bosnia 
and Kosovo will not be there.
And without Europe, the ICJ is powerless, without legitimacy and without 
an a house to meet.

And, paraphrasing someone else, the "humane way" to solve the situation 
will be to expel them so they are out of harm way. Like the Germans 
expelled from the Sudeten after WW2 or the italians expelled from Istria.


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