[ExI] To Arms!

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Apr 1 00:34:37 UTC 2009

Il 30/03/2009 14.51, BillK ha scritto:
> On 3/30/09, Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> And the resident French people were delighted to accept the
> cheap services provided.

Not the common French, not the common European.
The elites are interested in importing people to lower the labour cost 
or full fill their political agenda (leftist import people because the 
new citizen usually are poor and vote for them). The privatize the gains 
and socialize the costs (welfare, criminality) as usual.

> But the foreign workers faced massive discrimination and prejudice
> ever since they arrived.

The problem is that the North African have a mean 10 point lower IQ than 
the mean European IQ. So there find that only lower wages jobs are 
available. The Black African have a worse problem (20 points lower IQ).

They will ever form and underclass, because they will ever be less 
skilled than the locals (or the East Asians). This until they melt with 
the locals and there will be no visible difference.
But until this happen (In a couple of centuries or more) they will feel 
If you add to this an ideology, ISLAM, that teach they are the master 
religion, they are entitled to rule, the others are enemies and evils, 
and you have a recipe for civil war, religious killing and more.

This is not happening naturally. There is the active meddling of the 
Islamic nations; there are an increase of imams educated in Saudi Arabia 
that propagate the worst strain of Islam. Without this, the ethnic 
Muslims would assimilate with the locals without so many problems 
because the majority are MINO (Muslim In Name Only). But a little group 
of criminal and fanatics are able to stop this natural assimilation.

Usually the problem is not with the older generation, but with the 
younger one that is politicized and pampered.

> And now live in slum, no-hope housing estates
> on the borders of the cities with no hope of ever assimilating.
> Naturally they riot and protest from time to time.

Then naturally, if the riots will go out of control, someone will seize 
the opportunity to use overwhelming force to settle the problems and be 
called "saviour of the country".

Historically, when Europeans start to kick asses, the consequences are 
not pretty for the asses that are kicked. I would prefer another 
solution, but I don't see anything that is able to change the route to 
an armed confrontation between Europeans and Muslims.


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