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Wed Apr 1 04:07:31 UTC 2009

Chad Robb wrote:
Mormons and Catholics tend to have pretty dry services. There is no applause
after a performance because it was not intended for approval of the audience
but as tribute to God.
Its sort of an ordeal of attendance. They go because afterward, they can
talk and be like a huge family. Drinking tea or coffee or fruit juice or
whatever, eating cookies and donuts, especially things made by members for
members. Its a low key party. A Temporary Autonomous Zone of heavily
tempered conviviality.

The Mormon congregations today tend to nearly tear down the door to get
home, after the Sunday services are finished.  But I would not quite call it
an ordeal of attendance! lol  The variety of speakers and topics keeps
things generally interesting.

In the "old days" the services were broken into two different time periods,
but they have been consolidated so people could spend more time with
family.  It is a three hour time bloc that includes "Sacrament Meeting"
where the sacrament is administered and 2-4 members of the ward
(congregation) give talks (instead of the Bishop/pastor doing it every
time).  "Gospel Doctrine" is the Sunday School portion, with a similar
program for teens and children.  Finally, there is "Priesthood" for the men
and "Relief Society" for the women.

I wish we had refreshments after the Sunday meetings, but we don't.  But
there are other gatherings and firesides where people do socialize quite a
bit and eat refreshments.  What I find interesting is that there is a trend
in the Church where during Salt Lake broadcasts for young people they do hip
and catchy musical presentations that make me think of Disney's "High School
Musical."  And a number of years ago an LDS Church president had an opera
singer perform in General Conference (usually a pretty staid gathering that
happens twice a year).

I love your terminology with, "It's a low key party.  *A Temporary
Autonomous Zone of heavily tempered conviviality."  *

Do you work in the Pentagon creating project names and acronyms? LOL

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