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Sun Apr 5 15:59:54 UTC 2009



 ...Dagon Gmail:
	...My sexual history is checked and if I lie about being a pervert I
can be arrested...

G, if I claim to be a pervert but I am lying and really I am not, how could
they ever prove it?

My friends, do read over all the nonsense that we have posted recently
regarding real and fundamental problems facing humanity, and notice there
are no particularly insightful solutions, nothing, in all those wasted bits.
We are like the ants running up and down the tree with two clogged holes
being the only passage.  The north bounders concerning themselves only with
how to give the south bounders a mandible sandwich, and vice versa, neither
of which actually solves the overall problem.

Humanity is currently faced with some overwhelming structural problems.  We
have a fundamental divide in values: one portion of our species considers
men and women as equals, the other not.  One segment of humanity feels free
to criticize anyone's religion, another segment considers blammisphy as
equal to (or worse than) murder.  

With our current level of human insight, these are intractible problems, but
note that everything that has been presented here so far will not solve the
problem at all.  Deport-em-all doesn't actually solve the problem, in fact
it might make it worse.  Forming a single world government doesn't solve the
problem either, for the fundamental difference in basic values still exists
and a unified government might make it far worse.  These kinds of solutions,
which I am seeing presented here (of all places), are no better than
solutions we might see posted at Mensa, or the Daily Koz.  Let us not lower
ourselves to their level please.

I ask that everyone step back and think for at least one week before posting
anything else on these topics, and when that week is over, look at the
problem globally and think like an ant colony presented with two small
passages to your aphids, but several orders of magnitude smarter.  Find
better ways than have been ever presented before.  Go deep within, way deep,
and think about the fundamental problem before proposing something that has
been suggested a million times elsewhere but won't work.

In the mean time, do let us consider the To Arms thread as killed.  I expect
a few more posts to filter thru today before this one is read, but do let's
let it go for now, think harder and better, and then be real extropians,
shall we?



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