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Sun Apr 5 13:57:28 UTC 2009

> *Dagon, what has gotten into you??  First Lee, and now you with the
> extremist ideas!  "Muslims, Americans and _________ (whoever else you don't
> like), Oh, My!!!"  *

Listen, I am a European, and were I ever to want to go to the US, I have to
fill in
questionnaires, airline companies give credit card information, email and
background history to US authorities. My sexual history is checked and if I
about being a pervert I can be arrested. But being a pervert, I cant get in
to the
US. Plus, I have an arrest record for being involved with far left political
- yet another reason to be ever disallowed access into the US. This is the
of a certain political establishment I won't repeat.

I am very sorry, I have very cautious ideas towards far right extremists
that dwell
like a parasytical population in the gut of the US. I consider these people
a serious
terrorism hazard and would vote for not allowing them into Europe, not for a
not for business and not as refugees.

I am sure that would not include anyone on this list.

However - I repeat that I do see an increasing likelyhood that the US will
enter a
state of severe <http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/04/opinion/04blow.html?_r=1>
I pity the people having to live through that, and it will surely
cause spinoff in the rest of the world. I do think Europe may need to look
at what is
happening in terms of radicalization. The lunatic climate debate is already
here. ProLife activism is spreading here. Westboro tried staging a protest
Anti-Muslim propagandists <http://www.alternet.org/story/57001/> are
seperating reason from debate and polarizing both
sides - not for the benefits of enlightenment, but largely because of
interests. The signs on the wall is clear - if shit starts happening in the
US, I propose
a big fat firewall and a diplomatic thank you very much against getting
involved on
any level.

As for Muslims - i see muslims every day. I know arabic words. I eat islamic
on a regular basis. I. I have read the Quran. I am not favoring apartheid at
all. I favor a
solution that will make everyone happiest possible, as rich as possible, as
free as

But - years ago I also walked into a moskh, talked to the people there. I
posted on
forums. And the end conclusion was that orthodox religious Islam, as an
entity, is
extremely closed to everything I stand for, and would outlaw or persecute
more than
half the things I hold dear.  The bearded men I spoke to - .... *shudders*.
These are
not human beings anymore.

In essence - I DO NOT vote anti-Islam. I will NOT vote pro-wilders. But I
will seriously
vote pro-freedom, pro-diversity, pro-hedonism and pro-progress. And that
means that
I inhabit a political spectrum not represented by any political party here
in the
netherlands (maybe d66 <http://www.d66.nl/> a bit) and out of dread for
losing what little I have I vote
SP <http://international.sp.nl/>.

You want a full list of other groups that terrify the shit out of me?
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