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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 12:18:54 UTC 2009

Lee Corbin wrote:
I totally agree with you! Conditions in the big cities
should *never* have been allowed to get out of hand.
The corruption should never have been tolerated, (e.g.
Chicago 1850-present). As soon as recognizable underclasses
begin to form, they ought to have been either massively
deported, or subjected to resettlement on reservations,
where they'd be compelled to go back to agriculture or
any kind of honest toil in order to survive.

Lee, is this really you?  Or do you have a teenager in your home who is
impersonating you???

you continue:
But it's either that or eventually perish. France, for example,
needs to do what it would instantly have done in any century
before the 20th, namely expel its Muslim population. It's
either that or cease eventually to have a modern western
society at all!

I will agree that France and other European nations have a major challenge
on their hands in dealing with their Muslim populations, who have religious
and political views that may at times be a real threat to Western culture
and government.  But I think the answer is in governments strictly enforcing
the laws of the land, and if they have a problem with this due to a lack of
backbone than that is their problem.  But doing a mass deportation of
everyone who is Muslim, just for being Muslim, goes totally against Western
laws and ideals.  Your line of thinking might eventually begin to coincide
with a certain WWI corporal from Austria who in time became quite the
spellbinding orator...

Dagon Gmail wrote:
...And no I do NOT want immigration, not even from americans feeling the
collapse of the union and the civil
war.  I do not trust big american populations anymore - some might be under
the influence of sinister religions
or "militant foxists". (*I want those people registered, known by Interpol
and marked for being unable
to enter Europe, for anything. They might be up to something*)

Dagon, what has gotten into you??  First Lee, and now you with the extremist
ideas!  "Muslims, Americans and _________ (whoever else you don't like), Oh,

Lee, I can envision you starting up a "transhumanist" organization to save
the world from whatever evil hordes you see as the next big threat, no
matter the ethical cost.  But perhaps you should consult with Pat Buchanan
or even David Duke first...

John  : (
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