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Wed Apr 1 08:33:29 UTC 2009

What can rich nations do, to reduce population growth levels in third world
I mean intentionally, as in "we want your country to have a birth rate under
3.1" ?

...we want your population growth under 150.000 new people per year. If you
do not
we lock down borders and keep every of your citizens locked IN?

The problem is that poor nations, nations with corrupt governments, nations
superstition industries, nations with large criminal networks ... these all
work to
cultivate a culture of pathetic collectivism. We know these people well -
fundamentalists. party fanatics in china. And even in europe some have
susceptible to this type of behavior - we see simplistic ideologies pop up
all the
time in aforementioned type of countries - simple peasant world views where
problems are addressed with a hoe and a shovel, and where pests are
and burned and predators hunted down by a mob.  You might even find
of those sentiments here in this thread.

We need better education, more employability, people having more free time
selfdevelopment, less dictates of some crazed fanatical ideology such as
islamic fundamentalism, fascism, xenophobia, market corporatism, etc. These
are all
the result of simple, poor people applying a simplistic world view to
problems. We cannot allow these simplistic retards to breed and overrun us
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