[ExI] To Arms!

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri Apr 3 01:41:58 UTC 2009

Alas, so many emails, and so little time, but I did have to
read Rafal's:

> For the record, I am strongly opposed to any violent actions
> infringing on private property, including expulsions, purges and
> pogroms of any kind, directed at innocent individuals (i.e. persons
> who did not perform any violent activities against other innocent
> people). I would find it odious and revolting if such innocent
> individuals were harmed under the pretext of being Muslim, foreign, or
> under any other morally irrelevant tribal label.

Ah, I regret it too. But not so strongly as you. (I also
regret root canal surgery---but consider the alternative
to be worse, and far less acceptable.)

> Rafal
> PS. To make myself more clear, I am actually fucking pissed off that
> the idea of kicking people out of their homes for being Muslim is
> being bandied about here. WTF?

WTF? Very simple. Were you living in France, how would
the prospect of you and your children living under Sharia
strike you?

We in the U.S. are lucky. We're only going to be replaced
by the Spanish-speaking, who very cooperatively appear to
have no problem with how things are done here north of the

(Oh, of course, we'll have our Cesar Chavez eventually---
but that will be a long time from now, and besides, what
happens to the rich white people at that point will only
be what they deserve for having allowed it to happen.)

Meanwhile, no Frenchman who values the past or future of
his country ought to accede to what is going on. It's
simply a question of survival of western institutions
*at all* in France, though I agree that the cost (of
sacrificing temporarily some principles) is very high.


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