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Fri Apr 3 07:54:10 UTC 2009

> WTF? Very simple. Were you living in France, how would
> the prospect of you and your children living under Sharia
> strike you?

Under  no circumstances, nowhere in Europe (except in a few places in
ghettoes) does the Sharia
gained a toehold in Europe. The idea is ludicrous and it can not be
interpreted in any way other than
being yet another construct in the flame war between american imperial
hegemonists on the right
end of the spectrum, and multiculturalist pluriformists on the other end.

I favor neither side, and the only way anyone can win in this insane
struggle is to look very cautiously
at what both sides say and completely sterilize yourself of all talking
points bannered along by either

Give it a try - See this as a straightforward roleplaying exploration
... inventory what (mostly american)
anti-islam xenophobes, pro-globalist, pro-corporatists have to say. Then
chart what the greens, equally
progress xenophobe, anticorporatists have to say. Then square off arguments

escape the Divide And Rule mechanic being leveraged into your brain.

This is a stalemate. Neither side, engineered lunatic left or engineered
lunatic right, can win this
culture war. You as an individual can only win by stepping away from this
false dichotomy and select
in precise detail what is relevant for you, as an individual, and
persistently mocking what is not.

Do not make the system shoehorn you into the red or blue mold.

And I assert a BIG feature of the shoe horn is xenophobic hysteria of islam.
I mean, come on, islam.
I see these people scurry about every day, and they are pathetic
superstitionalist. They can as much
wage a revolt and take over the legal system as manage a network of dairy
factories in their homeland.
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