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> Il 01/04/2009 9.25, BillK ha scritto:
>> Unfortunately Europe needs immigrants, because the original Europeans
>> have stopped having children and are aging fast.
> This is because they are taxed as there is no tomorrow by their
> governments. Pools show they want more children but feel their are not
> wealth enough to be able to afford them.

That is an interesting angle, on which I personally know very little.

In the seventies, European countries with very high level of taxation,
namely social democratic Scandinavia, used to have the lowest demographic
pressure, even in comparison with much poorer areas, such as southern Italy
or Greece, but this was usually attributed to cultural reasons.

OTOH, apparently the trend was substantially reversed around the end of the
last century, to the point that girls in their early twenties were around
with babies in a cart and a couple of further children by hand. This may or
may not have corresponded to some political or tax changes in that time. But
it is also true that substantial pro-birth welfare policies were enacted...

Stefano Vaj
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