[ExI] To Arms!

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Thu Apr 2 21:58:05 UTC 2009

Il 01/04/2009 9.25, BillK ha scritto:

> Unfortunately Europe needs immigrants, because the original Europeans
> have stopped having children and are aging fast.

This is because they are taxed as there is no tomorrow by their 
governments. Pools show they want more children but feel their are not 
wealth enough to be able to afford them.

> It is the demographic timebomb.

> Who will be the workers and pay for social security for the
> aged?

If you think that the Muslims will pay for the social security of the 
old kafir, you are deluded.
IIRC, in England economists have computed the economics of immigration 
and have concluded that there is no difference. The Englishmen have 
gained nothing from the immigration. But, I'm sure, many people have 
gained from the cheap Labour imported.

> The future for those populations who stop having children is a
> reducing, aging population supported by young workers from immigrant
> families.

You are deluding yourself. A large part of these Muslims immigrates is 
helped from the Social Security, because they are in large part 
unemployable for any productive job because they are uneducated, low 
skilled and low IQ. Then you add their religion, that teach them to 
loathe the different, hate him, exploit him and not help him against 
other Muslims.


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