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Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:22:12 UTC 2009

2009/4/2 Dagon Gmail <dagonweb at gmail.com>

> I am confused. Were it true that Europe needs immigrants rather than
>> children, where would we find them if we persuaded third world
>> countries not to make children either?
> I seriously do NOT want immigration of poor, undercivilized, undereducated
> people, most of these prone to backward and sinister superstitions and
> coming
> from authoritarian, antidemocratic, patriarchal and reactionary cultures.
> I personally support the goals of the club of ten million<http://www.overbevolking.nl/en/The-Foundation>(link) which advocates
> peacefully reducing the population of the netherlands from 16 million down
> to
> 10 million. I do not agree with all assumptions made by this 'club', but I
> agree
> with them that "importing chattel slaves' from third world nations to
> address
> demographic transitions caused by aging populations to be deeply immoral,
> for both us western europeans, as well as for the countries of origin.

Ah, OK, this is perfectly consistent (and I am with you at least on the very
last part).

In fact, I "rhetorically" superimposed your position to that of BillK mostly
to imply that they are contradictory, but I was aware they were taken by two
different people...

Stefano Vaj
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