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Thu Apr 2 10:08:35 UTC 2009

> I am confused. Were it true that Europe needs immigrants rather than
> children, where would we find them if we persuaded third world
> countries not to make children either?

I seriously do NOT want immigration of poor, undercivilized, undereducated
people, most of these prone to backward and sinister superstitions and
from authoritarian, antidemocratic, patriarchal and reactionary cultures.

I personally support the goals of the club of ten
million<http://www.overbevolking.nl/en/The-Foundation>(link) which
peacefully reducing the population of the netherlands from 16 million down
10 million. I do not agree with all assumptions made by this 'club', but I
with them that "importing chattel slaves' from third world nations to
demographic transitions caused by aging populations to be deeply immoral,
for both us western europeans, as well as for the countries of origin.

The idea to "make more children" for whatever reason is disingenuous,
and deceptive. We need less people, because the world is severely
Adding more people to address the effects of having too many people in the
place is like eating more to address the medical emergency caused by morbid

Europe and Japan can  be asserted to be headed "in the right direction",
even if
market fundamentalists see it differently. In my view we need an urgent
of the value of the human being - humans are the norm of what we should
regard as
valuable - everything else should be secondary. If we create a world where
the value of
the human is deflated because of too many humans, we are seriously doing
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