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Il 03/04/2009 23.40, Damien Broderick ha scritto:
> At 01:15 PM 4/3/2009 -0700, Spike wrote:

> Mirco's statement wasn't an accidental slip of the keyboard;

Are you from the Dep. of Mind Reading of the ACLU?

> he later repeated his sentiment. But perhaps it's a language problem, since
> "alienated" in English usage means disaffected with one's situation or
> culture, not "requiring treatment by an alienist". Still, this is pretty
> damned creepy:

Well, we were writing about "furious alienated teenagers" [F.A.T.] 
putting their hands on dangerous stuff with the intent to damage others 
they feel alienated from. Note that the teenagers is furious AND 
alienated not only alienated. Also, for me, "teenagers" is usually an 
under age under the authority of his parents.

If we assume the intentions are true and we know the intentions, what do 
we do?
Do we prohibit the selling of the "dangerous stuff" ?
Do we let the FAT obtain the stuff and using it and land in jail it after?
Do we let the FAT obtain the stuff and using it and hand him a "we 
understand your feeling" card and let him walk away?
Do we help him before he damage others and himself forever?

If he have not a mental condition I agree an asylum is not for him.
A jail could be better. Or a foster family.
Some people have the need of psychiatric help only one time in their lives.

> "Maybe you think I advocated to put him/her inside an asylum forever,
> but I'm not doing this.
> I only advocate to do it for the limited time needed to make him/her
> calm and not dangerous for him/herself and others and, maybe, help
> him/her to not feel alienated."

> For someone who actually works as a psychiatric nurse (as Mirco does, I
> gather) to say this is disturbing. Maybe he could change his name to
> Nurse Ratched.#

I had to do a search for understanding what you intended.

I never watched the show from start to end, but is interesting how 
people base their feeling on fiction and not on reality. And then, they 
twist also the fiction to signify what they want.

The protagonist is admitted in the asylum because he want to be there 
and he gamed the system to be sent there so he avoided the jail. So he 
went there against the will of the system. Then, instead to play the 
good patient he started to behave like a real lunatic with poor self 
control (remember that the nurses and the doctors in story don't see 
what you see, only what they see). But it is more dangerous to trick a 
surgeon that you need a heart transplant than trick a psychiatrist that 
you need a few droplets of aloperidol. I'm sure they were tricked in 
believing him a psychiatric patient only because he was played by Jack 
Nicholson and the director tell them to do so.

I'm the first to complain when people unfit is brought to my ward 
instead of a jail or instead to their home or a shelter for homeless or 
a hospice for elder or a correctional institute for young offenders.
I'm there for caring for the real psychotics not for the rejected of the 
society. I know my limits, I know I have not the resources, the tools 
and the skills needed to help them all. And taking care of so different 
people would be impossible because too often they need contrasting things.


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