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Sat Apr 4 22:20:35 UTC 2009

Il 04/04/2009 12.18, Dagon Gmail ha scritto:

>     Yes, it would be just like the west to tax itself to death.

It is like self canibalization.

> 1.  All of those "anti big gov/pro big market" people, do you have the
> nerve to face the difference between the
> amount of tax citizens will have to pay for (a) all the welfare and
> development aid and subsidies and left wing
> pet projects and  (b)  the recent bailout? - and don't backpeddle or
> dance populist river chorus lines by claiming
> the current governments in the US is left-wing or socialist. It is not.
> My guess is the ratio of 20 years of left-oriented programs and
> right-oriented bailouts of the last two years is 1:10
> or more.

Left wing it is, socialist (in the Misesian sense) it is.
Under Bush it was a bit less socialist and not so left wing.
But the "No Child left behind" is and was a socialist plan.

Pro market people (there is no "big market" or "small market" only 
"market") are and were against the bailout, the FED (and other central 
banks) meddling with interest rates and the money.

What you see now is the left (and a part of the right big spender) to do 
corporate welfare as they were used to do people welfare.

> 2. I want the population of Europe to be stabilized at the current
> levels, but I'd prefer it to go down by about a
> third.

I agree, if you are in the third that go down and I'm in the third that 
stay up.

> Personally I prefer population growth by people not dying that by adding
> non-educated young kids.

> (The latter is very worrysome, because a very small percentage of people
> in the middle east
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fertility_rate_world_map_2.png> is
> causing an
> endemic population growth rate, by holding a wife (or several wives)
> home as breeding slave. GIve those people
> access to the same treatments and the population rate in places will go
> dramatically, since the men will
> grow older, stay fertile longer, have bigger swarms of offspring, and
> have the opportunity to replace a
> "wife attrition" by getting fresh breeding slaves. Watch for countries
> with a median age under 30
> <http://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/download/attachments/19965/agemap1.jpg>
> - those are
> the ones where people will be dying and trying to emigrate from in a few
> years.)

This is because the welfare state need to be scrapped off.
You take out the welfare state and parasites will not be able to afford 
children and only productive people will be able to afford them and will 

But, also many of these countries (like Saudi Arabia) have a falling 
fertility, because too much breeding have doubled the population, where 
the oil revenues are the same. So income was halved. For example, in the 
'70, the personal income in Saudi Arabia where a bit less than Italy and 
now it is about half of Italy.
When the oil revenues will start to fall, their fertility will fall 
again under replacement as the land will not be able to sustain the 
current number of inhabitants.

Money and free time will not work alone and if they are given as a gift 
from the government (Saudi Arabia show this).


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