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>  Unfortunately Europe needs immigrants, because the original Europeans
>>> have stopped having children and are aging fast.
>> This is because they are taxed as there is no tomorrow by their
>> governments.
> Polls show they want more children but feel their are not wealth enough to
>> be able to afford them.
> Hmm. You could be right. Thanks for pointing it out. I did
> hear that the Russians actually did greatly improve their
> birth rate for a while by promising economic incentives.
> But after a lot of children were conceived, the government
> let slip that these incentives actually weren't *quite* as
> promised. A huge lot of abortions immediately took place.
> Yes, it would be just like the west to tax itself to death.

1.  All of those "anti big gov/pro big market" people, do you have the nerve
to face the difference between the
amount of tax citizens will have to pay for (a) all the welfare and
development aid and subsidies and left wing
pet projects and  (b)  the recent bailout? - and don't backpeddle or dance
populist river chorus lines by claiming
the current governments in the US is left-wing or socialist. It is not.
My guess is the ratio of 20 years of left-oriented programs and
right-oriented bailouts of the last two years is 1:10
or more.

2. I want the population of Europe to be stabilized at the current levels,
but I'd prefer it to go down by about a
third. And I realize this is only possible by keeping the value of having an
income squared against work high -
in fact I think incomes can go up if we get rid of forms of slavery. If
things go right this will be bloody necessary -
my expectation is populations in EU, Japan, Australia and maybe even US
(after all, it'll be a third world nation
like brasil soon)* will start going up fast again*, somewhere early 20s, as
firm treatments against aging start
trickling down to consumers. Only a small amount of functional aging
treatment or rejuvenation or increase in
functional health will kick population growths up by percentage points.
Those will be old people, and hopefully
they will have old minds and ripe investment portfolios BUT suddenly younger
bodies. If that trend holds,
we will also see women in their 80s and 90s having babies again, because
they have bodies of women in their
20s to 30s, around, ohh, say 2050.

Personally I prefer population growth by people not dying that by adding
non-educated young kids.

(The latter is very worrysome, because a very small percentage of people in
the middle east<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fertility_rate_world_map_2.png>is
causing an
endemic population growth rate, by holding a wife (or several wives) home as
breeding slave. GIve those people
access to the same treatments and the population rate in places will go
dramatically, since the men will
grow older, stay fertile longer, have bigger swarms of offspring, and have
the opportunity to replace a
"wife attrition" by getting fresh breeding slaves. Watch for countries with
a median age under
those are
the ones where people will be dying and trying to emigrate from in a few

...And no I do NOT want immigration, not even from americans feeling the
collapse of the union and the civil
war.  I do not trust big american populations anymore - some might be under
the influence of sinister religions
or "militant foxists". (*I want those people registered, known by Interpol
and marked for being unable
to enter Europe, for anything. They might be up to something*)

3. Russian population growth, even after the "nashi" lebensborn-light
project, is still flat out negative. Only full
dictatorial force or big loads of money can reduce or increase population
growth rates. I am virulently against
dishing out communal money for parents having babies.

4. I think people have babies, not because its a conscious, rational
decission, but because of instincts and
culture. I am blankly for doing whatever it takes to make sure that as few
possible human being at the age of
18 can function productively, adaopted, as rational as possible and
independently in society.  I am for
"FREE" variants of market-based eugenetics to make that possible. I would
have gladly been the subject of
a number of key genetic treatments before my birth - it would have saved
society a lot of money and me a
lot of misery.  Society should demand parents pay for these necessary
treatments or selection process for
their offspring. Parents shoud be held accountable if they intentionally
breed to have a child that will need
societal care, extra medical care and money to live. I am not against not
giving invalids disability, but I am
against people with disabilities being born in the first place.

5. The west taxes itself to death? Surely you jest. If you want higher birth
rates (and this goes for the US
and for Europe, and especially for Japan) make sure people have at most 8
hour workdays, any overtime is
paid 200 or more percent, and everyone gets, by default, a 3 day weekend.
Right now people dont have children
because they don't have the time to emotionally bond with them and care for
them. Worse, people in the turd
world dont have children because they are scared shitless to grow old and
die uncared for, or they have
children as men appear to be losers without at least several sons.

I bet that an extra day a week of freedom is good for an additional .5%
population growth rate in all modern
societies. Those that can't sit still that day, start a company. Better -
add a basic income for everyone. No
questions asked, ever citizen gets a basic income. This will refugee
immigration damn hard if you are unschooled
- you can never hope to compete with an average citizen in such a society
and only if you are a highly trained
professional you can. The freedom to work minimal hours will also make
parenting - and study - easier. A
fair basic income would be good to get those with disabilities to do at
least some work, which mostly doesn't
make any sense now, especially where I live. It would save FORTUNES on
social programs which you dont
have to pay because there is that basic income - the latter would also be
good for another .5% population
growth. As in - "I dont need to work overtime, I'd rather stay home in bed
with the wife and socialize".
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