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Sun Apr 5 19:02:44 UTC 2009

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>...When you say: "if we know enough about a carbon 
> atom, we can write a computer simulation of one," this is all 
> true, but you are missing the most important point that just 
> because something is 'behaving' like something else, it is in 
> no way fundamentally and phenomenally like it... Brent Allsop

Perhaps so.  I have little interest in it for I have no cognitive dissonance
in regards to that particular question.  I argue only that there is a finite
amount of information in an atom, consequently it is theoretically possible
to simulate it, and if so, to simulate them in arbitrary quantities.  At
that time, if the sim is sufficiently high fidelity, the sim will be
indistinguishable from the person, qualia and all.

I have seen your qualia posts over the years Brent, and I am thankful you
are with us.  You and I first met at Extro 5 if you recall.  You have
particular insights on the topic of qualia that I confess I haven't followed
closely, but this is OK, for eventually we will have a test that will answer
fundamental questions.  May we both live to see that, in the flesh, so I can
compare me to me directly.  You and I have no fundamental disagreement
really.  I am saying only that theory has taken us as far as theory can.  We
need an actual experiment to advance further at this point.  

Code jockeys among us, do your magic!



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