[ExI] Mind Uploading article in Wikipedia

John K Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 6 04:55:28 UTC 2009

Brent Allsop:

> John, your thinking that 'almost everyone on this list' believes in
> 'vitalism and the soul' is obviously completely wrong.

I am quite certain I am not wrong; your very post confirms it.

> you are missing the most important point that just because something is
> 'behaving' like something else, it is in no way fundamentally and
> phenomenally like it.

I'll tell you one thing, I certainly won't have to look very far to find an
example of a profoundly anti-scientific statement made by someone who claims
not to believe in the soul or vitalism. It behaves like bread and wine but
really it's the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Yep vitalism just under the 

> all this has to do with the well accepted idea around the so called  'hard
> problem' which you seem to completely, dismiss

It's so hard that not only don't we know the answer we don't even know the

 John K Clark

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