[ExI] Getting People who Speak Heresies to Shut Up

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Apr 7 05:42:11 UTC 2009

Fred wrote:

>>> And further what they have posting recently in this thread is not even
>>> remotely Extropian.
>> Again, you *know* what these terms mean, and it is for
>> the rest of us just to accept, I suppose.
> I suggest that each individual on this list who uses the term
> "Extropian" to think long and hard about this.  Do you really want to be
> associated with the term "Extropian" if the term "Extropian" can be be
> seen as compatible with advocating that innocent Muslims should be
> expelled from France?  I am not.

To be associated with (i.e. on the same list as) someone
who advocates a certain position.

Oh, the horror! Oh, the shame. Indeed, how do you live
with yourself? It must be hell.

I've never in my life seen anyone so concerned and so
scared of what other people *might* think about things
that he himself not only didn't say, but argued (sort of,
loosely speaking), er, even denounced!

How damned weird. The instinct to suppress unwelcome opinions
has rarely ever shown itself here in such strength.

Okay, out of total sympathy for your predicament and all
the others who are *so* sensitive about how guilt by
association may work against them, and so as to save you
such utter and complete anguish, embarrassment, and shame,
I will shut up about what France will do.

Hmm. No, never mind. I won't.

> I do not want the term "Extropian" twisted until it
 > includes something like expelling the innocent Muslims
> from France.

Oh, good God. Of all the silly worries. Your "concern" seems
most likely only a cover for the deep discomfort that these
heretical ideas are causing you, and more than anything, you
seem to just want to shut your eyes and shut your mind to these
disagreeable thoughts. I'll bet that your ancestors reacted
extremely harshly and in *precisely* the same manner to all
the heretic Darwin's extraordinarily disagreeable and upsetting

And I will also bet that they (or, if your particular ones
do not happen to be guilty of this charge) or others living
at the time reacted in exactly the same non-intellectual
and emotional terms, failing to engage in a rational exchange
of ideas and failing totally to produce any *argument*.

> And remember that deportation of innocent civilians has
> been considered a Crime Against Humanity since the Nuremberg
 > Trials.  So Extropians; do you embrace the idea that
> advocating a Crime against Humanity is compatible with
 > the Extropian principles or do you reject it
> or do you just not care?

What? You want more to join you into a deafening chorus to

Why is that SO incredibly important to you? I have my own
ideas (e.g. perhaps it is out of a very deep fear that you
might actually *lose* an idea-based exchange), but I shouldn't

Well---I've just now got to this email, and there are plenty
more to read (you wrote the above a few days ago). So it
will be very interesting if you own "Call to Arms" raises
other angry voices of denunciation (all, naturally, quite
free from *rational* argument as to why my suggestion to
France doesn't lead in the long run to the best solution).


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