[ExI] U.S. Medical Care

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Apr 7 08:40:09 UTC 2009

Dagon Gmail wrote:

> > For someone who actually works as a psychiatric nurse...
 > > to say this is disturbing. Maybe he could change his name to
> > Nurse Ratched.#
> > Damien Broderick
> Well, for his sake, I hope someone doesn't collect his opinions, 
> articles and views, prints them, binds them in a convenient folder,
 > and sends copies of this folder to several such institutions
 > in his region of italy, as well as to several newspapers,
> offices of Italian socialists and communists, and other media 
> organizations, with his name, address and photograph.

Just what the hell are you trying to pull? Of all the cowardly
intimidating threats I've ever heard on this list, this takes
the cake.

(Well, at least since B.P. no longer posts here.)

You spoke some kinds of vague threats before, about how names
could be taken of those of us who held certain positions, and
how we would get our just desserts later.

Knock it off.

It may not be true anymore that everyone's views are welcome
here, but it surely still has to be true that the good people
of this list will not tolerate extortion, and threats to
freedom of expression like that.


P.S. Natasha! Wouldn't *this* be a better place at which to
target your wrath? I see some "kill threads" coming up, and
some other messages from you that I haven't got to yet, but
I'll bet anything that they have to do with people like me
and that psychiatric male nurse shutting up more than they
have to do with blatant threats being made on the list. (You'll
receive very gracious and humble apologies if I'm wrong.)

> Such an act would likely could him his job, and worse.

Oh, yes, worse. It can't be said you didn't warn him...

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