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If the individual discussed here would have lived in the netherlands, *I
would have*, om ground that as much
as a predatory child molestor shouldn't be a physician in a children's
hospital, the above individual shouldn't
be in a position of medical care for other human beings. Since he works in
Italy, I suspend judgement , I
am less than interested about what happens in Italy, since the ideals
espoused by this person have been
categorized as being part of the Italian political spectrum. I "could"
likewise reserve to make complex
judgement on the Rwanda massacre. It is a domestic issue, even if lacking in
grace and charm.


I abhor certain things in this world, and when I say I abhor them, I have no
other recourse than to object and
(when the situation escalates) retaliate. I will retaliate to insult, and
not necessarily by insult. I will retaliate
against being threatened, and not necessarily by threats. I will retaliate
against violence and rarely with
outright violence. And if someone describes as his preferred a world where I
would most likely die miserable
and very soon, I will do whatever I can, whatever it takes such a world does
not come into being.

I used to have an crude idea about what Extropy was. I thought there was an
overlap between Extropy and
WTA and  transhumanism and all that. I am now slowly coming to the
conclusion that these overlaps are still
there technological growth issues - but this is not the case on terms of

I would appreciate it a LOT if the management of Exi chat, preferably the
Extropy movement in general, on
what areas it differs from other transhumanist movements. I urge this
movement to do so fast, because
what will happen, whether or not I do that, is that many the above posts and
discussions will leak into
the media.

It is unavoidable that what is weighed here will in time end up discussed by
outsiders and it concerns me
gravely that if these discussions are not contextualized in some way, "the
outside" would have the ammunution
to easily demonize and eradicate the extropian ideal. From what I have read
here I would estimate this would
be remarkably an easy kill.

If the position of "Extropy" (and I do not know who 'represents' Extropy) is
to condone what has been said
here, I clearly have nothing in common with Extropy. I will wait until I
have clarity on that burning question.
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