[ExI] Getting People who Speak Heresies to Shut Up

Florent Berthet florent.berthet at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 10:44:24 UTC 2009

Could we stop the madness please?
I'm French, both of my girlfriend's parents come from Algeria (though only
his father is religious), and I have some very religious muslims friends,
including a family in which the parents worked hard in "low" jobs and the
children all have a degree in science, from the bachelor to the Ph.D. Again,
all of them are 100% muslim while being very respectable and very nice, and
I don't see ANY valid reason how anybody could give himself the right to get
them out.

Lee, using your kind of arguments, somebody could lock you in a cave because
MAYBE, by saying such stuff against muslims, you could be the cause of a
future civil war (maybe.). I mean, come on, this is just obviously wrong...

Anyway I think you've made your point, and it doesn't seem like anybody is
going to change his mind anyway, so we'd better stop here.

- Florent Berthet
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