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Tue Apr 7 15:47:14 UTC 2009

John Clark wrote:

>I've only read one graphic novel in my life, Watchmen, and I must 
>say I thought it was pretty damn good. Does anybody know of another 
>of equal quality?

You poor man! Yes, I know of many, though the number is cut down if 
you really want only novel-length collections rather than individual 
issues. For instance, Alan Moore's Miracleman run was brilliant, but 
you'll pay hugely to buy those in collected form. Here are some 

Red Son (what if Superman as a baby landed in the Soviet Union rather 
than Kansas -- Greg Burch loved this)

Any Punisher collection by Garth Ennis (assuming you enjoy 
hilarious-but-violent), e.g. Welcome Back Frank

Garth Ennis' Preacher series (9 volumes; deeply offensive to 
traditional religions)

Lots of stuff by Warren Ellis, including the Planetary series (superb 
illustration by John Cassaday), Ministry of Space, Ocean, Orbiter, 
Stormwatch, The Authority, Ultimate Human

Sandman (Neil Gaiman, books 1 to 10)

Ultimates 1 and 2 (for a thoroughly modern take on super-powered teams)

Alias (great characters, written by Brian Michael Bendis)

Daredevil (about ten volumes written by Bendis)

Powers volumes by Bendis and Oeming (super-powered detective

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller -- most people like 
this more than I do, but it's a classic)

Fell (Warren Ellis; the first issues just came out in trade paperback)

John Constantine: Hellblazer (lots of volumes, many by good writers; 
esp. Garth Ennis issues)

Ultimate Iron Man (written by Orson Scott Card; the Ultimate line is 
Marvel's more recent line, unencumbered by decades of continuity)

Alan Moore's Promethea & his V for Vendetta

Animal Man (by Grant Morrison--several volumes; lot's of metaphysical fun)

We3 (Grant Morrison; fantastic illustration by Frank Quitely)

Starman (issues/collections by James Robinson, currently being put 
out in Omnibus editions)

All Star Superman (Morrison/Quitely)

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest (Millar/Hitch)

Cerebus, volumes 2 through, um, 9, probably not after that (Dave Sim)

Doom Patrol (Morrison)

Ex Machina and The Last Man (both Brian K. Vaughn)


 From Hell (brilliant story of Jack the Ripper by Moore)

Squadron Supreme (Mark Gruenwald)

Joker (Brian Azzarello & Lee Bermejo)

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Moore)

Lucifer (volumes 1 to 11 by Mike Carey)

Transhuman (not great, but worth reading as a very recent work)

Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis)

You can't go far wrong with graphic novels by Alan Moore, Warren 
Elllis, Garth Ennis, and perhaps Grant Morrison -- depending on your tastes.

For your  further comics edification: Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud

I could narrow it down, depending on whether you enjoy SF, 
superheroes, humor, detective fiction, metaphysical fun, etc.


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