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Tue Apr 7 20:25:21 UTC 2009

Max More wrote:
>Actually, The Proactionary Principle isn't about transhumanism as such...

There have already been a number of good books about various facets of
transhumanism (I just always wanted to see one written by you), and so you
are showing your wisdom and timeliness by focusing on The Proactionary
Principle, which sprang from your gifted mind.  By taking on the
Precautionary Principle you will find a much larger audience/better chance
to influence for good, than you would with any book on transhumanism (at
least at this point).

The Precautionary Principle has the potential to really influence and trip
up human society, and so I'm grateful you have taken an oppositional stance
with your own counter principle.  I hope the upcoming book is a major
success for you and gets the media attention it deserves.

When I went to an ASU conference on transhumanism, they mentioned Nick
Bostrom and James Hughes over and over again.  The next time around I want
them to be obsessing over you! lol  I feel you do not always get the credit
you deserve.

>Perhaps, once my book is actually finished, I will seriously think about
this. I do love the >medium.

Good news.  I hope a publisher would find the idea intriguing.

>BTW, thanks for the pointer to The Black Hole. Never come across it. Sounds

Dang!  I'm amazed you never came across this book, considering it's
legendary status.  And so I am very glad I pointed it out.  The graphic
novel shows romance, relationships and sexuality in a sometimes fantastic
and yet painfully true way.

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