[ExI] Watchmen (was L'Affaire Bradbury)

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I don't know Robert Bradbury in person but I do know that he spent much time with me throughout e-mails trying to educate me with an opinion, as he has actual experiences to back up his opinions I would rather listen to him as opposed to someone that just has a mathematical conclusion.  I understand that opinion is sometimes wrong but I do believe that a mathematical equation should always be specific. (Exact)

If you want the difference between aboslutely correct and undivided...welcome to Extropy:)


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> John Grigg wrote:
> > Max, that was quite a list of graphic novels! 
> You know your stuff!  Now I know why you still have not
> yet come out with your book on transhumanism...  ;
> )  Kidding! hee
> Damn, totally busted!
> Actually, The Proactionary Principle isn't about
> transhumanism as such...
> > Hey, here's an idea, team up with a talented artist
> and put forth your transhumanist thoughts in comic
> book/graphic novel form.  It could reach people who
> otherwise would never ever read your work.
> Perhaps, once my book is actually finished, I will
> seriously think about this. I do love the medium.
> BTW, thanks for the pointer to The Black Hole. Never come
> across it. Sounds naughty.
> Max
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