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> This "consciousness is real" thing isn't logically consistent. It
> seems like you think that you can upload someone into "abstract"
> software and they'll be just like you but not conscious.

In between case:


Suskulan's first serious patient after the upgrade was Zaba, a 12 year
old who had been shot through her spine while working in a garden.
She was near death, and far beyond help by pre clinic standards, when
she was placed in Suskulan's "hands."

As the nanotech mist enveloped her still body, Suskulan quickly
evaluated her than told her parents:

"I can heal Zaba but it will take at least a week, perhaps as many as
ten days.   She will not be able to move or speak at first, but you
can talk to her spirit at noon tomorrow."

After they left Suskulan moved Zaba's body underground for better
cooling and shorter connections to the mass of repair devices.  With a
small amount of his attention he constructed an image of the repair
table and Zaba out of utility fog including the ghastly wounds.

This time the nanomachines didn't infiltrate her brain just to shut it
down, though they did that and reversed the mild damage from shock and
low blood flow.   The nanomachines mapped out all her neural circuits
and cell connections.  Shortly before her parents entered the clinic
the next day they tentatively restored consciousness, partly in her
brain--which was far below the temperature needed to run on its
own--and partly in the haze of nanomachines that were also simulating
input in place of her eyes and ears.

"What happened to me?  Where am I?  Where is my body?" Zaba asked as
she became conscious.  She was calm because the nanomachines were
acting as tranquilizers.  Suskulan was listening to an interface to
her mostly simulated motor cortex.

To give Zaba orientation Suskulan imposed on her visual cortex a wire
frame image of the human form he usually presented then explained:

"You were shot, you are in the clinic Suskulan at the tata, and your
body is under the clinic being repaired.  The clinic recently gained
new powers to speak to spirits while their bodies are being healed.

The healing will take some time, even I do not know exactly how many
days," he added,  "You were badly injured."




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