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In other words, you are saying that you want to be free to try to
acquire power that you could use to damage others, but others should
not be free to try to acquire power that they could use to damage you.
Sounds easy, doesn't it? And it also sounds familiar. Call this
attitude whatever you like it -- I call it fascism.

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> Il 09/04/2009 10.04, Eschatoon Magic ha scritto:
>> That is one of the reasons why I never called myself a libertarian,
>> though I am one deep inside.
>> There are two souls in modern libertarianism. One is a healthy
>> live-and-let-live soul, which believes in self-ownership and personal
>> freedom of everyone, and hates _all_ limits to liberty. It is not
>> "liberty, but..."., it is "liberty, period". The other is a fascist
>> soul which believes in the freedom of some to oppress and murder
>> others. I promise that I will call myself a libertarian when the
>> second soul will go.
> In between there is the people understanding that liberty must be equal for
> all and it is not some suicidal pact where we let an enemy to grow until it
> is powerful enough to destroy us.
> Mirco
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