[ExI] Muslim Threat to Europe- Don't Buy All the Hype

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 10:58:21 UTC 2009

2009/4/10 Dagon Gmail <dagonweb at gmail.com>:
> Careful there, before you know it you will be branded a coward, a sell-out,
> a denier, a
> hippie, a traitor, ahmenidaddinadinajad fan, an appeaser, "most likely to be
> gay", raglover,
> dhimmi, a liberal or a communist.

This may be a position distinctly unpopular with both sides of this
debate, but what about desisting from the idea that somebody has a
claim to Objective Superiority, Eternal Truth and the Really Good
Values, and let everybody regulated oneself as they like best -
including by defining borders to the concept of "people" in the words
"popular sovereignty"?

It must be stressed that immigration was to a large extent generated
by the forced westernisation of the originating countries, at a legal,
social, economic and cultural level.

On the other hand, those obsessed with the "human, universal rights"
of the members of other cultures, countries and communities should
consider that were one-worldism really to take over, and should, say,
radical Muslims become a majority in western countries, this would
inevitably reduce or eliminate the ability of individuals really at
odd with their own cultural norms to seek refuge abroad and... to
emigrate there. :-)

In addition, as mentioned a number of times, a plural world - which
involves a certain degree of continued international diversity - gives
transhumanism its best chance, owing to its preventing the
establishment of worldwide prohibitionist policies, and the pressure
that competition amongst different models and ways of life may exert
against neoluddite and other unpleasant options.

Thus, I think "multiculturalism" means refusing both crusades aimed at
aligning other places to our own values and preferences and legal
systems (when not simply to our... interests), *and* the practical
imposition of those of somebody else on ourselves owing to the sheer
force of number.

Stefano Vaj

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