[ExI] Muslim Threat to Europe- Don't Buy All the Hype

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Fri Apr 10 12:45:17 UTC 2009

Il 10/04/2009 1.37, John Grigg ha scritto:
> I thought this would be timely considering all the arguments lately
> about this subject...
> http://www.buzzle.com/articles/muslim-threat-to-europe-dont-buy-all-the-hype.html

agree with the second part of this statement:

> While I don't think the solution lies in evoking the reactionary
> forces of 'Christendom', I do think that secular values need to
> become more militant when it comes to addressing the nefarious
> aspects of extremist religious ideology.

Unfortunately it is not so.

> Tolerance though needs to co-exist with tough law and order measures
> in an effort to combat domestic terrorism.

For now I only see tolerance of crime and evil and ineffectual law and
order measures. This only give the extremist space and time to growth
larger and more dangerous.

> This task is made a lot easier when there is a level of trust, and
> that can only be engendered by exercising tolerance. Unfortunately
> multiculturalism has tended to emphasis the separateness of
> communities, and has made mutual understanding more difficult to
> achieve.

So sad so true.

> Terror threats are very real. European multiculturalism in its
> present form I believe facilitates these threats because of the above
> mentioned gulf it has created between communities. Yes, these dangers
> exist, but alarmist talk that Europe is about to fall under the
> thrall of Islam is badly overblown and frankly I'm surprised that
> professor Lewis has climbed onto that particular bandwagon. A simple
> look at current demographics tells you that it's not imminent.
> Moreover, if cultural and religious wars break out down the road,
> they will be fought at the ballot box and on the media. In the case
> of terrorist acts by the few, European nations aren’t exactly sitting
> ducks waiting to keel over. They have robust legal systems and well
> managed police services. Talk of impending doom and a Muslim
> ‘takeover’ grossly underestimates the resourcefulness and character
> of peoples that survived the Nazi era and before that WW1. They
> aren’t exactly pushovers.

And this is what I fear will happen if nothing is done before and not 
after the confrontations will start. And, just now, nothing serious is done.

The police and the secret services are good at stopping terror plots, 
but before or after someone of the Islamic terrorist will be lucky, or 
they will be too much to control and stop all of them before they act. 
But this reduce the awareness of the problem in the general population, 
so the politicians are more interested in solving some shorter term 
problems than to prevent the bigger problems down the road.
As one of them tell (in private) at an earthquake prevention meeting "I 
have problems to pay for the drugs used, the salary of the workers, I 
have no money or time for fixing the hospitals of my regions so they 
will be earthquakes resistant".


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