[ExI] Muslim Threat to Europe- Don't Buy All the Hype

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Fri Apr 10 17:56:29 UTC 2009

Il 10/04/2009 15.12, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:
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>> The obvious reflex to badmouth Christianity or the Europeans when having no
>> arguments to defend Islam. Knee-jerk reaction?
> I openly deplore Islamic colonisation and "repopulaton" of European
> countries - as, btw, I would deplore such a colonisation by Chinese,
> Martians or Australian Aboriginal people -; I do not think in the
> least that for expressing your willingness to oppose it you should be
> banned from the society of civilised people; and I believe that
> existing European citizens should have a say about those with whom
> they are going to share their future and how they want to live, rather
> than seeing PC choices imposed on them in contempt of any democratic
> and self-determination process.

The current EU architecture is a bureaucracy feast.
They have powers that are not delegated to them by the people in a clear 
and reasonable manner. They take it slice by slice, the EU population be 
damned if oppose to them.

> On the other hand, I am treated by a Web site you cooperate with as a
> "no-global fascist" because I defend, inter alia, muslims' freedom to
> protect their identity and sovereignty (and, btw, access to
> technology!) face to the imposition of western interests, views,
> customs and legal systems - and sometimes military occupation.

Well, I'm not out of AIT because of you, albeit I don't agree with you 
on a few political points. I'm out because I (like others) am unwilling 
to cooperate to the international socialist agenda of Campa and his 
unending string of "synthesis".

> Most of current political regimes of the middle east would be wiped
> from the map in a matter of months were the continued western support
> be withdrawn. How can we expect their subjects, be they muslim or not,
> to react to their current situation?

I don't know, but I don't know how we could withdraw or support if we 
continue to buy oil.
International politics is messy and dirty, for sure. And the 
isolationists are simply putting their head under the sand.

> Somebody is scandalised by your idea of deporting French Muslims.
> Shouldn't we say that "deportation" is a word that describes well the
> predicament of middle east youth without a future as well as oppressed
> and exploited by those neocolonialistic, medieval (see the Emirates),
> and corrupted regimes, thus forced to relocate themselves in western
> countries where they are at least told, by immigrationist propaganda,
> to stand a chance of a better standard of living according to the
> values we proposed them to be "universal and exclusive"?

The problem is the "immigrationists" don't propose any value to the 
immigrants as precondition. This is the main problem.
The problem with these feudal places is that they reproduce the causes 
that lead people to leave and immigrate in the west. I red about African 
immigrants in China and Chinese in Russia, so the problem is really 
global. Until these governments stay there and let emigration (so the 
pressure of the population to overthrow them is eased) there is no 
solution. So, or we support government that trap their populations or we 
help them to change their government is something that make them willing 
to stay in their homes.
What is not widely acknowledge is that after the US invasion of 
Afghanistan and Iraq, large part of the displaced populations are 
returned to their home countries.
If we don't interfere with M.E. countries, can they interfere with us?
What we do if someone else interfere with them?
If the population of Morocco immigrate in large number in Netherlands 
(against the will of the Dutch), the Netherlands have the right to 
interfere with Morocco?

As a fan of Star Trek, I understand that the First Directive is there 
only to be broken from any and all Starfleet captains.

> Thus, I think that anybody concerned with the protection of what one
> may cherish of our own political and other traditions should in the
> first place stop promoting any idea of globalist jihads against
> anybody who may wish to do the same with their own.

But what we do with the global jihad supporters?
And the unwanted, illegal, immigrants?
Wait until they knock at the door?
Wait until they are inside the door?


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