[ExI] Getting People who Speak Heresies to Shut Up

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 19:45:05 UTC 2009

On 4/7/09, Florent Berthet <florent.berthet at gmail.com> wrote:

> ...I have some very religious muslims friends,
> including a family in which the parents worked hard in "low" jobs and the
> children all have a degree in science, from the bachelor to the Ph.D. Again,

> all of them are 100% muslim while being very respectable and very nice, ...

Florent, I have a favor to ask.  Substantial numbers of  Americans(in
particular) are currently in a state of anti-muslim hysteria.  This is
a bad state to be in, a dangerous state.  Particularly when
accompanied by severe economic stress.

Your message is the antidote.  Muslims are people just like everybody
else.  Moms, dads, kid, jobs; love, hate, joy, grief, and irony, lots
of irony.  Same as always.

And of course you know this and can report this FROM PERSONAL
EXPERIENCE, so you have real credibility.

So please, here on this list, and wherever else you have an
opportunity, remind people of the truth.  At this moment there is a
desperate need.  Perhaps we can avoid the worst of the looming

My thanks,  Jeff Davis

"Enjoying being insulting is a youthful corruption of power. You lose
your taste for it when you realize how hard people try, how much they
mind, and how long they remember."
                           Martin Amis

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