[ExI] are all cultures equivalent?

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Apr 11 16:32:23 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Eschatoon Magic
> I just want to prove that we are not better than them...
> But don't give me crap about us being better than them, 
> because we are not. We are al humans. Humans are nasty to 
> each other and fight. Let's acknowledge this basic darwinian 
> fact and hope to become able to do something about it, but 
> without any "ethical" crap about the alleged superiority of 
> our culture...

Esch, this one caught my attention because it points out a fundamental
schism in human thought.  It divides humanity in a way that is not racial or
even cultural.  There exists among some humans a bedrock belief that all
cultures are, at some fundamental level, equivalent.  Among others, an
equally strong fundamental notion that some cultures are better than others.

Which are you and why?  

Step back from the original religion based question, and look at it from an
amoral top level point of view.  Think carefully about your answer.  Your
first comment is you want to prove we are not better.  Why do you want to
prove that yours is not better?  Wouldn't you want to create a better
society?  What if the others agree with you that you are not better?  They
argue that they are better than you.  Do you then want to prove they are not
better than you?  What if they are murderously outraged by that notion, and
wish to violently demonstrate otherwise?

What I am asking is about the conflict of two memesets, a full step back
from the religion notion, and one we discussed here a few years ago.  If the
entire world is divided into two equal sized groups, one with the memeset
that all cultures are equivalent, and the other with memeset that their own
culture is superior to the those who say cultures are equivalent.  In the
long run, it appears to me the ones who consider their own culture superior
have a memetic advantage. 


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