[ExI] are all cultures equivalent?.

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Mon Apr 13 16:09:44 UTC 2009

Il 13/04/2009 17.06, John K Clark ha scritto:

> I'm glad you concede that cultures aren't equivalent, and as I said
> "better"
> is a matter of taste, but I am interested in the tastes and preferences of
> members of this list. Can you think of anything that the Islamic culture
> has
> done since they invented the zero 800 years ago that you personally think
> they should be proud of? I can't, at least not right off the top of my
> head.

Take this out.
The "Zero" is a Indian or Indochina invention.
They are only involved in the transmission of the concept to west Europe 
- probably only because they were the only route available at the time.


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