[ExI] All Cultures are equivalent

frankie frankmac at ripco.com
Mon Apr 13 18:23:45 UTC 2009

My son-in-law who is a Muslin,  is now taking care of  his sick mom in Algeria, while my Daughter like a good desert woman waits for his return here in Chicago . My family(especially my wife)  looks down upon him not because he is a Muslin, but because  he drives a cab when he is here in Chicago. What kind of man is he who reads the same book day after day , they can not explain why he prays five times a day, and then spends most of the rest of the time drinking tea with his friends while waiting for fares at Ohare.  Other than being material for jokes on David Letterman, he contributes nothing to this society as he well drives a cab  and not teaching at some southern college like others here on this list.

Of course, it is his faith that only requires that he take care of the poor, and practices his faith 5 times a day by praying  does not leave much for invention like say the iPod or the  cell telephone, but he in his defense he  has played Santa Claus at Christmas time and I thank him for that. He is a good man, he makes my daughter happy, he believes in family and he practices his beliefs with deeds and not words.

To ask the question what has Muslin contributed to society is not fair, unless you ask the same concerning the worlds other religions. Hey when the United States dropped TWO atomic bombs on Japan, their creators were either JEWS or CHRISTIANS not a muslin among them. Ask the people who lost relatives in Japan when this happened and they would give you a different answer to whether these Christians and Jews have contributed to society was a good thing or a bad thing. While thinking about that  consider what the world would look like had Germans, Italians and Japs won instead of the English and Russians, would there have been any JEWS left on this planet , would we have walked on the moon as a world united  would football be on television in the fall in America , and just think of what they as a people these Germans or Italians or Jap's would have  have contributed to society  had won. Just the idea of a living in a place run by Italians Germans and Japs brings laughter to the rest of the world.  But then again  there would not be a MIDDLE EAST problem and Mitchell would be out of a job.

Leave the Muslins alone, and they will leave you alone. 


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