[ExI] The Extro List- Past/Future

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Wed Apr 15 07:44:28 UTC 2009

Keith Henson wrote:

> Lots of new ideas, reformulating sociology
 > in terms of evolutionary psychology,

One thing that occurs to me about that
is: what is wanted most is *time* for
people to get used to what has been
discovered (mostly in the 90's).

One sees ignorance of EP almost everywhere.
But I don't know what more there is to
say about it here.

> cortical column simulation as in Conway's
 > Life as a path to AI,

Ah, what's that? I would be interested in
anything having to do with Life.


P.S. For those who haven't read about it,
Conway's cellular automaton, known for
some reason as the "Game" of Life, is
well described on wikipedia:


> and using gravity gradient "space
 > anchors" as a way to counter
> light pressure effects on power satellites.

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