[ExI] Essay: "The hermeneutic challeng of genetic engineering: Habermas and the transhumanists"

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Thu Apr 16 23:44:04 UTC 2009

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> I just finished a fairly quick read-through of this article.  Some
> misquotes of data, but it is perceptible in taking on Haraway's use of
> cyborg to soften the blow of transhumanist technologies. Nonetheless, it is
> quite beclouding.  Would anyone like to comment on the last sentence:
> "... transhumanism is at root not grounded simply in the embracing of
> technological promise (as say Kaku suggests) but rather in a radical
> demythologised lifeworld, incapable of supporting moral discourse."
"moral discourse" ?  Is that like the confabulation of like-minded
philosophies in diametric opposition to an other like-minded group?  If so,
then I think the problem would lie in the fact that beyond a basic premise
the freedom to think and act in novel ways precludes much of the "us vs.
them" that passes for what Haraway calls 'moral discourse.'   Otherwise, I
like the expression "radical demythologized lifeworld."  :)
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