[ExI] proposed moratorium on religion topics

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 19:56:59 UTC 2009

On 4/17/09, Keith Henson wrote:
>  As an EP based bet, the unrest and war started in a time of falling
>  income per capita when future economics looked bleak.

The trouble is that EP doesn't explain everything and doesn't fit all wars.

According to Encyclopædia Britannica the Sri Lankan troubles
originated right at the start of independence in 1948 with an
unrepresentative government.victimizing a minority and later including
much nepotism and corruption.

In fact the troubles escalated at a time of economic growth.
The liberalization policies succeeded initially. Stimulated by a
substantially enhanced level of foreign aid and investment, the
economy became buoyant, recording, up to about 1984, real growth rates
of about 6 percent per annum. Thereafter, however, there was a marked
deceleration of growth, caused mainly by the disruptive effects of the
ethnic conflict on economic activity.

Similar points apply to other situations, like the victimization of
the Northern Ireland Catholic minority.

Of course you have the win - win argument, that wars start because:
1) times are getting hard, or
2) times are good, but everybody is worried about future hard times.

That covers all times, I think. You win the argument.  ;)


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