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> Hmmm. It seems that Dinello has
> read very little SF but, as reviewer Morgan says, gets most
> of his SF evidence from video sources.
> On a brighter note, I'm wrapping up this semester
> teaching my first-ever course on Science Fiction and
> Fantasy. I've introduced my university students to some
> authors they've never heard of, including Vinge, Stross
> and Iain Banks. In my lectures, I've informed them of
> the concept of the Vingean Sinularity and Kurzweil's
> writings about it. Some loved it immediately, while others
> were frightened. Best of all, some who were initially
> frightened have changed their minds and embraced the
> Singular possibilities.

Congratulations!  Will you be putting your lectures online?

I actually took a science fiction course in college, but it didn't even acknowledge anyone after 1960.  And I didn't go to college in 1961!

Have you heard Michael Drout's lectures on science fiction -- "From Here to Infinity: An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature"?  I enjoyed them.  The link at his page to these lectures doesn't work:





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