[ExI] life after people

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Apr 18 05:11:39 UTC 2009

Did anyone see this?



Its a documentary on what would happen if all humans suddenly disappeared.
I didn't see it, but I know of a modern structure that would be around for
perhaps longer than the pyramids.  It is a special aircraft bunker on the
Redstone Arsenal in Alabama for assembling rockets, specifically designed to
contain explosions in the event that one of the solid rocket motors somehow
ignites and then ignites the other motors in there.  Everyone inside
perishes of course, but people outside wouldn't know anything was up.

The building was designed to withstand any tornado or earthquake which is
needed since the building contains all those rocket motors.  It is in the
middle of a vast expanse of solid concrete that was once an airforce runway.
Since there is very little blowing dust in that very moist environment, I
could easily imagine the inside of that bunker would look somewhat similar
in ten thousand years as it does today.  All the rubber would be gone, the
foam in the office chairs turned to dust, the vinyl seat covers vaporized,
etc, but that concrete shell would hold up and keep the stuff inside dry and
the various beasts outdoors.


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