[ExI] Metalstorm firearms

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Tue Apr 21 05:53:53 UTC 2009

I am very impressed with how much better metalstorm weapons are when
to cyclic mechanism weapons. These guns should be lighter, far more lethal
and far
more reliable than the current generation of weapons - possibly cheaper too.

As such I wonder if any american citizens would consider buying these
things, for
whatever reason americans buy these
for any other reason than mass-hysteria,
but you cant argue cultural preferances I suppose.

Is the reason that americans buy firearms and shotguns and pistols because
these have
become culturally fixed archetypical shapes? Would a metalstorm gun be
legal? Can a mom&pop business spring up making these things (and ammo
in a small shop, and sue the government to be allowed to sell them? I mean -
a metalstorm
rifle looks easier to build than a

How would a society where people buy metalstorm rifles and handguns be
different from
the one you are in today. How lethal would these things evolve? (I think
*very* lethal) -
how can metalstorm rifles be "hacked" for rate of fire, ammo lethality. Can
be installed on homebred robotics easily?

Anyone has a take on this?
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