[ExI] Metalstorm firearms

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 06:26:45 UTC 2009

On 4/21/09, Dagon Gmail wrote:
> I am very impressed with how much better metalstorm weapons are when
> compared to cyclic mechanism weapons. These guns should be lighter, far
> more lethal and far more reliable than the current generation of weapons -
> possibly cheaper too.

> How would a society where people buy metalstorm rifles and handguns be
> different from the one you are in today. How lethal would these things evolve?
> (I think *very* lethal) -
> how can metalstorm rifles be "hacked" for rate of fire, ammo lethality. Can
> these be installed on homebred robotics easily?

If this develops into a 'gun enthusiast' thread it will be terminated.  :)

But in reply to your query, you have to include the cost of ammunition.
Current rounds cost roughly 1USD per shot.
Shooting can quickly become an expensive hobby.
(Especially if you like machine guns).

In theory, shooting 1 million rounds in a minute sounds impressive,
but only the military would spend money like that. And even they would
only use it for very specific requirements. To me. it sounds like
overkill for a burglar situation.  ;)


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