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Tue Apr 21 06:02:09 UTC 2009

In a few years (and I am talking - less than a decade) the first
manufacturer will
start selling robotics and robotics parts that are so simple and yet so
rugged and
versatile they can be mass-marketed, with demand in place. Now assume a
weighing about as much as a dog, of similar size, able to traverse most of
home. Whereas the hardware frame of such a device should change much, the
computer and software parts should evolve and upgrade very fast.

It looks reasonable to assume that by 2025 we will be seeing an explosion of
robotics manufacture, and an explosion in the price of raw materials used to
manufacture them<http://www.newscientist.com/data/images/archive/2605/26051202.jpg>(I
suppose we will need nanotech not to make things, but rather
to recycle!) .

So what if In 2025 I can walk in a store and for under 1000$ I have a small
brain, limbs, a leg, all fitting in a suitcase. Helicopter parts, remote
included ... What will that mean for -

- smuggling drugs across a border
- assassinating people
- burglary into homes
- paparazzi
- doing meaningful labour from your home through telepresence
- commuting

I make a bold statement here - I think the society we are in will
explosively change,
in the span of a decade, even without pulling the djinn of AGI out of a

Anyone has any wild, lateral ideas on how that change will occur? Any
for second generation businesses?
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